London based maker Theatre, T.V and film.

I have been propmaking for many years.

During my time at  as a freelancer at The Royal Opera House and beyond,

working with some amazing people designers, scenics, makers, crew.

I have listened to some beautiful singing and watched young dancers bloom.

If I added up the number of props I have made it up to now, it would be nearing a thousand.

Over the years I have made a collection of assorted puppets, a small fly to a giant skeleton.

Several animals, including dogs, monkeys, cats and birds.

Fake banquets, Birthday, Wedding cakes, Chinese take aways.

Elaborate  masks and headdresses.

Upholsterd chairs, sewn cushions,flags the ever popular money bag.

Scuplted and dressed  tiny dolls to life size busts.

Carved rocks,painted sets and made stuff with a small or larger budget.

Own assorted tools, skills and a sense of humour.



Clients include

Royal Opera House

Freize Masters for Helly Nahmad

/Robin Brown

National Theatre

Old Vic

Chris Ofili for R.O.H





Mammoth Productions

Shakespeare's Globe